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Mother’s Day…

mothers dayNS

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sending so much love, hugs and healing,

~ Necole

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Spirit always finds their way…

I love how Spirit finds their way to get their messages to their love ones!

I read for a woman several weeks and to her surprise – a high school friend and her husband came through. She wasn’t expecting this at all but welcomed their visit. Her friend in Spirit conveyed some messages that even my client wasn’t completely certain of. (They had not spoken in a very long time.) Nicole and David (in Spirit) had passed together in an accident and were conveying how they were still holding hands. They were coming through with the most amazing energy and love for each other. Complete Soul mates!

wedding22 copy

Here’s where it gets interesting!

Last week, My 10-year-old son, was playing with his best friend. They also live two house down from us. They have been friend since they were three.His mom and I are friendly but do not chat on the phone or hang out together. My son came home from their house with an envelope for me. He said it was from Karen (his friends mom). I could not believe what I was reading….It was a thank you card. In the card was a copy of an email corresponding with my client that I had seen several weeks earlier.

It started off by my client saying “You do not know me but I knew your sister….”She went on to tell Karen about her session with a medium and the messages she had for her from her sister in Spirit. At some point, she mentioned my name. My neighbor Karen replied “That’s my neighbor!”

Now, I had heard that my neighbors sister passed but I did not know any of the details, not even her sisters name. She even lived in another state. It also happened at about the same time my son passed…. Her sister had also conveyed some very personal information that no one knew about.

I am still in awe of how Spirit always finds their way. When they want to get a message to a love one…. They certainly know how!

Angel Kisses,

~ Necole

Do you know what the odds are???

numbersI had to share this story…

One of the last places I went with my son before he passed was to the Verizon store… So of course, every time I have to go there, I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

About 6 months after Zachary passed, (which was 3 yrs. ago) I had to get my son Chris and my husband a new phone number. I stood there feeling sad, as the memories started flooding. I started to talk to Zachary (not out loud) saying “please give daddy an easy number…he forgets everything now!”  The man said “Here is your new number.” It was XXX-XXX-8388. I was shocked. My son passed on 3-8-10. Then he said “Here is the 2nd number XXX-XXX-5365. I almost fell over…because my mother in laws number has been XXX-XXX-5365 for the past 30+ years!!!

Yesterday, I had to go back to Verizon and get my other son, Nicholas a phone. This is his first one. He is the same age as Zachary when he got his and well, this was even more difficult for me. I was holding the tears back.  The man said “Here is your number.” – Ok… I was speechless, again!! The new number was XXX-XXX-0838!!!

I know my little man was letting his dad, brothers’ and I know he was with us!

Angel Kisses,


“I would have to go through ALOT to get to my Real Mom…”

This story that was shared with me touched my heart in so many ways. I have been receiving the most heartfelt, touching, profound stories. I hope they touch your heart like they have mine. The stories shared give a glimpse of hope and Heaven and how we are all connected and will be again.

real mom

Necole to answer your question “Can our Mind heal itself? …

I had RSD  (better known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) for 16 yrs. after a work related injury to my collar bone.  My right arm burned like I was in a pit of fire, the medications the Drs. put me on actually caused me to die or have a NDE,  I passed over but came back HEALED….

I was “Told it was not my time and that I had a Purpose to be here and I had to come back” I remember being above myself watching my husband frantically  working on me to wake me,  he then went to dial 911 all the while my 3 little girls  4, 6, 8 @ the time just crying horribly with such fear…  I couldn’t do anything to ease there pain and console them it was so heartbreaking to watch and then…

… I went into a cloud with a light at the end an Angel came to me a Woman, Seeing some old photos I do believe it to be my Great Grandmother…When I went to a Flea Market in Florida I saw an Angel that looked just like this woman In the Clouds, I did a double take and bought it! She is always with me…   It was Beyond any Human Words… Majestic, is about as fabulous a word I can find…

The Woman “She said I had to come back, I had a Purpose to Fulfill… (I really didn’t want to come back, I still find that sad to this day when I think of my girls crying…)  when I came back to this World the RSD was Healed…

For yrs. I wondered what other purpose could I possibly fulfill? I had 3 Daughters and a Husband that I Adore, I  had my tubes  done so there were not going to be more kids at least for me… Maybe it is to take care of my parents??? In 93 I did just that, I took care of my Father for the last 6 months of his life, still makes me cry, even though I know he is near!   He likes to always leave 3 pennies and real silver dime… So there you go that was my Purpose… … … WRONG!!!

In 1999 we received our 1st Grandchild… Jason… This is where my story really takes off… My Daughter was a teenage Mom, she and Jason lived with us. (Jason spoke very early and was much brighter than the average child, to give you an example he has a 140 IQ, Photographic Memory etc… I homeschool him now and he is straight A+ and was just chosen by his Teachers for a Trip to the Galapagos Islands in 2014, Amazing Young Man with Such Great Potential to give this world) he’s like a real Einstein Version. 🙂

ONE DAY when Jason turned 2 1/2 he came through the living room to where my Husband and I  were standing and asked very simply and happily “Who’s John Allen?” … Taken aback I said   “What Honey” he repeated himself but then with a bit more detail,  “Who’s John Allen, you know the Man on the Gold Bench?”   My Husband and I just stood there looking at each other as if to say… WHO IS THIS KID???   ~John Allen was My Father~ & Jason’s Great Grandfather… Jason then said  “He told me I would have to go through A lot to get to my  Real Mom” … well we had no idea what he was talking about at this time cause he was with his real mom… We just had NO IDEA what to THINK of how Jason could Possibly Know Anything he said that day, It was not like we talked about my Father and I sure never called him ~John Allen~ …

When Jason was almost 3, my Daughter had a boyfriend who molested him. He became a handful for anyone other than me… My Daughter Moved out with a 2nd boyfriend who was also Abusive physically to him. Then one day Our Daughter brought him to our Home and asked  My Husband and I  “If Jason could live with us” ??? At first we said No he’s your son, get him help, he needs to see Drs.  for what he has been through, anyway she insisted she wanted him to live with us (mind you we had no idea of any abuse by the second guy at this time) … I said why don’t you ask Jason where He wants to live cause I’m sure its with you… Jason came Running out of his little room and said he wanted to live with  “Mamaw n Grandad”  so fast it was like someone pulled his tongue.  Our Daughter Got up and Walked out…

Right away, we started with Psychologists, Therapist, Children’s Dept., Lawyers, and then Court!!!! You name it – trying to help our precious Grandson…

While in Therapy he Told them… ~John Allen~ said “I would have to go through ALOT to get to my Real Mom…”   when I was told this I broke down in tears, like a sobbing idiot…  (No ONE but my Husband and I knew we had lost our 1st Child … a BOY.)

One day after 3 yrs.  of 4x a week Therapy Session with a Well Renowned Psychologist , she said… Jason has told me ALL I NEED TO KNOW… Released him from Therapy, Court Ordered No Direct or Indirect contact with his Biological Mom. But said Plain and Sweetly… He is your Son… ~John Allen~ sent him back to you…  (she didn’t know about the son I lost either) But that is The Same Day Jason started calling us MOM & DAD

A precious heartbreaking experience for everyone involved. But those Above Us Are Watching, and they have the Power to change the course of things.  Not only have I been there and seen it myself, but so has my Son.

Seems as humans we think things are suppose to move in the direction set before us, and no matter how heart broke we have been over our daughter and that loss. We had to move forward and Do Everything in our Power to Make Sure this Amazing Awesome, God Fearing young Man who is  now 15, Does Everything his Mind and Heart can Enjoy…  So complicated and yet honestly so simple……… All I can Say is I thank my Dad for this Gift and the Grace of God to give me the power and strength to get him on the right track. I hope you read this and Enjoy a bit of  our Story.

Thanks Necole for the Heartfelt messages you provide. God Bless you Always ~ J.P.  ❤

Angel Kisses,

~ Necole

All of our Angels continue to send us love and they know how much we them…

During my group reading, I was standing between the isles reading for a woman when another Spirit came through. I kept saying “Is this your mom? I have a woman stepping forward.” She said “no”. Spirit was very persistent. I was trying to receive more information from Spirit because I was a bit confused. Spirit said repeatedly “Teresa, Teresa, Teresa…” I said “Who is Teresa?”

The woman sitting behind where I was standing got my attention…

She was crying and said “I ask my mother all week to come through and just say “Teresa”. That’s all I needed to hear. I just wanted to know she loves me and that is how I asked her to show me.”

mamalove copy

I was holding back my own tears. I walked over and hugged her.

Her mama came through to tell her she loves her and knew exactly how to get the message across.

Our love ones in Spirit never judge the things we do or the choices we make. They know so much more than we do and have such a different perspective of things. Spirit can see things clearly, whereas most of us are unable to because we are still learning and growing. Whatever you have done…or do… good/bad/or indifferent is your journey. Your love ones knows that.


When in the physical, our love ones may judge us,…but not when in Spirit.
When our love ones cross, any anger is diffused or dissolved. Our love ones in Spirit leave all of that behind.

Your Angels continue to send you love and know how much you love them…unconditionally and for eternity.




Angel Kisses,






My family will be with me on my special day…

I recently did a reading for a woman named Lisa. Her father and uncle came through. Her uncle was very much like a father to her. Lisa is getting married in September of 2013 and has been having a very difficult time with this because she felt they would not be with her. During the reading, her uncle insisted she had his plaid shirt with blue in it. He said she would sew it into her wedding dress. She insisted she did not have a plaid shirt of his. I asked her to hold on to this because I felt it was very important.

A few months after our reading, sadly, Lisa’s brother passed unexpectedly.

I received this message from her today…

“Do you remember when you did a reading for me? My uncle kept bringing up a plaid shirt with blue and that I would sew it into my dress. Well, I am cleaning out my closet and found this! This is my brothers and I was thinking I am going to use this as my something blue in my dress…. Then I thought OMG!!! – The plaid shirt with blue in my dress! I feel so happy and comforted. It’s been a rough week and I know my brother is around. I am finally feeling him around me. And I know my family will be with me on my special day.”

andrews shirt

As I was reading Lisa’s email, my heart was filled with love and I was so excited  for her knowing she will  feel comfort during her beautiful day.

Angel Kisses,


Heaven Sent Bouquet!

I just love this!!! A Heaven Sent Bouquet !!!

My husband passed away 6.29.2012 and on Valentines Day I received flowers from him and I called FTD to find out who sent the and the order number didn’t even exist.

L.P. Heaven Sent Bouquet

This note was with the flowers when I pulled it out I was instantly in tears my husband’s name is Seko.


What a beautiful message and gift from her Heavenly husband!!!

Angel Kisses,


A dream that has changed a life…

This story was shared with me .  It is such a touching and beautiful experience and I wanted to share with all of you. Thank you Tommy for allowing me to share.

The Dream

This is a true story about a dream.  A dream that has changed my life.  A dream that has changed my views.  A connection , possibly to another place and time.  Not an ending…but a beginning.

My Story
My mom had gotten  Cancer back in 1984-1985.  When she got the news, that she had breast cancer she did whatever she could to fight this.  She would go to the doctors to get treatments and then would be sick for days on end.  As soon as she would start to feel better, she was back for more treatments.

She grew very tired, but she was a very strong-willed person who loved her family.  She was the strength of our family.  She always knew just what to say if you were having a bad day.  She had a smile and always a wink in her eye.  You just knew it was going  to be ok.

Life wasn’t easy for a woman who barely stood five feet tall.  It wasn’t easy being with my father and the problems he had.  But she was a strong-willed person who believed in all good things.  She gave us the values we have today.  She worked long hours as a nurse taking care of the very old and sick.  It was by far, a very hard job.

She once told me a story about the night my sister, Mary had died.  Mary had gotten sick and was taken to the hospital.  The night Mary passed, I remember my mom telling me about a light that was shining in her room and something about a shadow.  She went into the room and the light and the shadow were both gone.  A few minutes later the phone rang and it was the hospital.  They needed my mom and dad to come to the hospital right away, but by the time they got there my sister had already passed away.

My sister Mary died  December 23, 1955.  Did that light or shadow mean something that night? December 23, 1955 stayed with her for the rest of her life.  Every year, as far back as I can remember, she would sit in the dining room with the lights out and cry.  Just looking out into the December night’s sky.    With Christmas Eve the next day she would be doing all that she could with the little she had to make Christmas for her family the very best.  Mom would put aside her broken heart, to make sure her family had a Christmas.   Christmas Eve was my mom’s holiday, she loved Christmas!  Mom would always make sure who ever came into our home got a gift.  You would never leave her house empty-handed.  If you just stopped in to say hello you left with something.  A beer,  some food  or a Merry Christmas hug.  She was a wonderful person.

The Spring of 1987
Mom’s season was Spring.  It was time for re-birth after a long winter.  She loved the flowers and planting.  She would collect the flowers from the yard and place them in a vase.  That smell would go throughout the house.  To her, Spring was a fresh start.  It was also the month she was born., April 10, 1930.  I remember my sister, Teri telling me how much my mom loved Spring.

The Spring of 1987 would be her last.  Mom passed away on Good Friday, April 17, 1987.  A rainy cold night.  I remember leaving the house with Laura.  We were going to get something to eat.  I told her we needed to go to the hospital instead.   Mom passed soon after we arrived.  I was there when she took her last breath on this earth…I remember sitting next to her and just holding her hand, and then she was gone.  My life was never going to be the same again.  My heart was broken.  The women who had given so much of herself was gone.  How would life ever be the same?

Mom was buried on a beautiful Spring day, April 22, 1987.  The weeks and months that followed Mom’s death were not easy.  I started drinking and partying real hard.  I experienced bad hangovers that would last for days.  I wasn’t sleeping much and ate when I could.  I was burning that candle at three ends!  I knew how much I was hurting inside and I just wanted to get away from it all.

I remember moving back with my dad.  To try to help him out as much as I could, but it wasn’t easy.  So the Summer of 1987 became a Summer of “what if’s…”.  What was I going to do?  Move out or stay?  I really didn’t know and sometimes I felt completely lost, while trying to find the answers.

One night we were sitting in front of my house and I remember telling my wife, Laura that if I don’t stop doing what I’m doing, sooner or later it’s going to catch up with me.  I wasn’t sober when I told her this…but she knew what I was saying.  Laura agreed with me. I moved back into my Dad’s house to help as much as I could

A few more months had passed and I was still grieving the great loss of my mom.   I just wanted her to know how much I missed her.  I wanted to tell her, how sorry I was.  I needed to know, how she was.  I needed to talk to her again…just one more time.  My heart was broken and I was lost.

Early October 1987, I was still living at my Dad’s house.  What happened  later month  WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER.

Following is my story, my dream…the connection.

It was late afternoon, we were watching TV in the spare room and I had fallen asleep.  I truly believe my soul had left my body.  What follows has been embedded into my heart, my mind and my soul.

My dream…
I began walking down a snow-covered street.  I was on my way home.  There was no one else on the streets, no cars, nothing …just me.  I would always walk the same way home.  Suffolk Avenue to the short cut over the rail road tracks to O’Neill school.  Then cutting across the very large field, it would bring me over another set of rail road tracks.  I would cross over and it would lead right to the top of my block, Lowell Avenue and Hemlock Street.  I have walked this same way my entire life.

But on this day, I was led to go the long way home.  I followed Suffolk Avenue to Lowell Avenue, until I came to my block, Hemlock Street.  As I approached  that area where I would normally cut through, I heard someone calling my name.  I crossed the street, went up the side of the rail road tracks and was now looking across the snow-covered field.  As I looked across the field, I saw a train sitting in the station.  It was strange to see this train sitting in this station, being that train station was about a half a mile to the west  of Suffolk Avenue at the time.

As I stared at this train, one set of doors had begun to open and someone was calling my name.  I walked through the snow-covered field and made my way up on the level where the train was sitting.  As I got closer the car a brilliant bright light began to shine out of it!  Out of this light, there stood my mom.  She came out just enough to where she was still on the train and she was standing in this brilliant light.  She was beautiful!  She wasn’t sick and she had a glow to her that I have never seen before.

Then she started to speak…she said she was okay and that everything is going to be fine and for me to stop worrying about her.  I tried so much to talk to her but I could not speak.  I started to cry, the tears came down like rain drops, but as much as I tried to talk to her, I just couldn’t.  I was told to listen…I was not allowed to speak.  “Live your life for it’s a gift, I’m going to be okay, you can stop worrying about me”.  She said to me, one last time, “I’m going to be okay, stop worrying about me and you’re going to be fine” .  She backed into the train and the doors closed.  The train left the station.  I stood there crying, wanting so much to talk to her and she was gone…again.

The next thing I remember, I was waking and Laura was asking what was wrong.  I woke up crying, it took me a while to stop.  I was scared and really didn’t know what just had happened.  I then told Laura about the dream, or was it a dream?  The days and weeks that followed, were strange.  The more I thought of the dream, it became even more clear and parts seem to make more sense.  But one part of the dream that never made any sense at all was, why was my sister Cathy there?  Cathy was standing just behind my mom, to her right, in the brilliant light that was shining out of that train.

I have never spoken a word of this dream to anyone other than Laura.  She was there with me when this all began.  It’s something we share to this day.  I told Laura how beautiful it was and just how real it felt.

The days, weeks and years that followed that dream had changed so many things in my personal life.  I stopped smoking, I gave up partying, I quit drinking, almost to the point that some of my friends thought I was in re-hab.  To this day,  I have never been drunk.  I still have a couple of beers now and then, but never to the point of being  drunk and stupid.  Everything was changing for the better, since that dream…

I had found the women of my dreams, Laura in 1986.  She had played a tremendous part in my life, as well as my twin sons, Jason and Justin.  My twins were getting a little older and we were all becoming more like a family.  There were still little bumps in the road but we always seemed to work them out.

As time went by, so many more things have changed, since the dream.  I was having my house built-in 1993.  The following year, 1994, Laura and I married.  On May 6, 1996, our son, Nicholas was born.  I would think about that dream a lot and it was like putting a puzzle together.  I was trying to find the connection to all of the good things that were happening in my life.

As I look back over all the years that have passed, I truly see how much my life had changed since the dream.  Everything changed for the better!  But why?  Everyone has dreams.  I know mine was special and I truly believe it did change my life.  But…was it just a dream?  Or, was it much, much more than just a dream?  I would now find the connection to the beginning of this dream.  The part that I could not figure out for almost 22 years.

The Winter of 2008
My sister, Cathy married my best friend, Patrick.  They met one night, back in 1981 when Patrick and I were out having a few drinks.  I still remember the night she came into the bar with some of her friends.  I introduced Cathy to Pat and told her. he’s a great guy.  They soon started dating .  A few years later they were married. My sister found her Prince Charming and I was so glad that I was the one who brought them together.   They lived on Long Island for a few years, but after a hunting trip, Patrick fell in love with upstate, NY.  Cathy loved it too.  They left Long Island for a new life in a new home.  This is where they would spend the rest of their lives together.

The Winter of 2008 brought us all heartbreaking news.  My dear sister Cathy had gotten sick.  She went for a series of test and they came back as to her having Lung Cancer.  It was the kind of cancer no one wanted.  It was the news that none of us wanted to hear.  My heart was broken when I was told.  I was sitting in the dining room having coffee when all of a sudden it hit me, like a ton of bricks!  Is this the reason, why my dear sister Cathy was in that dream that I had 22 years ago?

This is the first time I’d ever spoken about this part of my dream.  My wife, Laura was the first person to know.  She had only found out that morning after I had gotten word just how bad my sister was.

Cathy was going to be the first to pass away out of her brothers and sister.  This was the reason she was on that train in my dream 22 years ago.  When you count a number, you always count left to right.  My sister was standing to the left of my mom on the train.  That would put her to my mom’s right, looking out of the train at me.  Can this be the connection?  The connection, why my dear sister was in that dream?

Over the next few months we would talk on the phone.  I tried telling her that everything was going to be okay.  We traveled to her home upstate to visit with her.  She was scared and crying .  All I could do was hold her and pray to God to please give her a fighting chance.  Easter was coming and she wanted to travel to Long Island to see us.  She was feeling strong and made the trip.  It was very sad to see my sister so sick.  We all went out Friday night, Good Friday and she wanted shrimp!  She said it made her feel better.

Easter Sunday would be the last time I would see my sister.  My sister Terri had us all over for Easter dinner.  It was one of the first time we were all together on Easter Sunday in many years.  I will treasure that day for the rest of my life.

Over the next few weeks things were slowly getting worse for Cathy.  She was in a great deal of pain. They started giving her radiation to help the pain and shrink the tumor.  The radiation was slowly taking it’s toll.  Thursday, June 4th would be the last time I would speak to my dear sister Cathy.  I called her to see how she was feeling.  My heart was breaking for her.  I could not find the words to say to help her.  She was crying so much.  The sickness and the pain was so terrible.  She told me she wanted to give up.  I cried with her and told her to hold on, that when the treatments with radiation was over she would start to feel better and her strength would start to come back, it would be okay.

My sister passed away at the young age of 51.  June 7th, 2009, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  The following days were filled with heartbreaking sorrow.  My heart was broken again…  When someone you love has passed you  try to make some kind of sense about it.  We reach down into our souls to try to find the answers, the meaning.  Why?  Cathy would be the first of us to pass.  I started thinking about the dream more and more.  The vision I had 22 years ago was starting to make sense.

We traveled upstate to say goodbye to my sister Cathy.  Seeing Patrick broke my heart.  He loved my sister dearly.  I could have never asked for a better man than my friend Patrick to be my sister’s husband.  He took very good care of Cathy throughout time that she was sick.  He was also by her side when she took her last breath on this earth.  My sister was laid to rest in the town she and Patrick called home.  I could see why she loved it there.  I’m glad it would be her resting place.  Upstate, NY was truly her home.

We returned home to Long Island with heavy hearts.  The days and  weeks that passed seemed different.  The sorrow and the pain of losing my sister was still there, but my inner soul had a feeling of peace.  Like I knew that everything was going to be okay.  I knew my sister’s soul had found it’s new home.

A month or so after my sister Cathy had passed, my wife asked me if I had spoken to my sister Terri.  I told her no, and she said my sister needed to speak with me.  I asked her about what, she said she had a dream about Cathy right before she died.  Laura said I needed to speak with her and that we needed to talk.  I asked he what the dream was about, again she said you need to talk to her.  I told Laura I would give Terri a call.  I never got a chance to call her, my father in law’s health had taken a turn for the worse.

October 2009
Over the past year, my father in law, Bill had been very sick .  His battle with cancer had also taken it’s toll and he was coming to the last days of his life.  I went to visit him on Sunday morning, October 27th.  I needed  to tell him how much I loved him.  He needed to know how much he meant to me.  When I got to the hospital he was sleeping.  I remember sitting next to him just holding his hand.  He woke up, but he could not open his eyes, although he was able to speak to me.  I told him everything was going to be okay and  he was going to be fine.  I told him I  loved him and thanked him for all he had done for  my family and I over the years.  I promised him I would always take care of his little girl, Laura.  With tears coming down his face he held my hand and said Thank you.

With his family by his side, my father in law passed in his sleep in the early hours of October 28, 2009.  The morning of his funeral we came to the funeral home a little early.  My wife wanted to spend just a little more time with her dad before the services started.  As I got of the car, I was met by my sister Terri.  Laura looked at me and said, “you guys need to talk“.  It was a rainy gray morning and here we were standing in the rain.   I asked Terri what she needed to say to me.  I knew it was something about a dream.  As soon as she started to tell me about the dream she had, I began crying.  The connection to the dream I had 22 years ago was standing right in front of me!

A day before my sister Cathy had passed my sister Terri had a dream about her.  These are the words from my sister Terri’s dream.

They were walking along together, when all of a sudden my sister Cathy started to run away from Terri.  Terri ran and tried to catch up with Cathy.  When she did catch up with Cathy, Terri asked her, “where are you going”?  Cathy said , “I have to leave, it’s time for me to go”.  Again Terri said, “but where are you going”?  Cathy started up a staircase and turned to my sister Terri and said, “I have to catch the train, it’s time for me to go”.  Cathy entered  into the train and she was gone.  Cathy passed the next day.

I then told Terri of my dream that I had 22 years ago.  Other than Laura, I have never spoken a word to anyone about this part of the dream.  No one ever knew that Cathy was standing in my mom’s shadow.  So now we were both standing there in the rain crying.  We hugged each other and knew that we made some kind of a connection.  We went inside to be with my wife and her family to say goodbye to my father in law.

So, what does this mean and why am I telling this story now?
I truly believe, that people need to know and find comfort in knowing that something special awaits us all.  A place that is more beautiful than any one of us could ever imagine.  A place where we will one day find the ones we love and miss so dearly.  A place like no other…

The dreams that Terri and I had almost 22 years apart are real.  How my life has changed.  I look at life in a much different way.  I try not to let the small things in life get to me anymore.  I have learned a great deal since that dream.  Life is full of crossroads, we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.  It is what we learn along the way and the changes we can make today for a better understanding on what awaits us.  This place doesn’t offer a free ride.  You have to earn the ticket to ride the train.  This has nothing to do with religion, but more to do with faith.  For it is faith that awaits us all.

I now tell people about this dream.  Maybe, just maybe, it will help them in their time of loss and sorrow.  Some people might say and think, “What you found God?”…and my reply, “I never knew he was lost!”.

I went through a very tough time in my younger life.  Losing the ones we love is never easy.  All of us will go through this at some point in our lives.  That snow-covered field that I walked across 22 years ago in my dream, well guess what?  In that exact spot, now sets a train station!  I was the one lost!  He just found me…

My story is dedicated to my mother and sister Cathy.